Our Inspiration

  • In computer vision data is so varied and custom specific , which makes it well suited for data driven model.
  • Knowledge driven models require a knowledge expert, whose solution capability depends on knowledge and the data the expert observes.
  • The current deployment time is highly limited by software engineering, hardware integration and refinement which requires multi domain expertise.
  • Size of the data in computer vision is not always well suited for cloud deployment due to latency and bandwidth.
  • Issues Identified

    Lack of good AI/ML experienced resources.
    Lack of guidance in data collection, interfacing and technologies to choose.
    Longer deployment time which takes months.
    Lack of real-time inference systems as manufacturing industries require sub second decision making.

    Our Solution

  • Data driven : Deep Learning.
  • Support for CCTV, industrial and depth cameras.
  • Edge system for sub second decision making.
  • Easy integration with PLC's, Robo-controllers, MES and cloud API.
  • Build on industry leading Nvidia and Microsoft frameworks.
  • Quick deployment - speeding up proof of concept and development.
  • Lets us talk on how we can solve your business
    problem with computer vision